Likes – Eating – it has been noted that I have a slight addiction to granola.  Moving – whether that be running, swinging a kettlebell around or just dancing to 90s RnB, basically I am useless at sitting still.

Dislikes – Food envy, it’s a terrible thing.

Why do you run?  Because I can!  In 2014 I was injured for a while and couldn’t even walk without pain so I learnt a lot about strength and conditioning work, qualified as a Personal Trainer and put all my knowledge into practice.  Now I run because I can, because it makes me happy!  Plus generally my runs are usually with friends and end with food – it’s a WIN WIN.

What’s your favorite distance to run? Half marathon.  Long enough to find your pace and relax

What’s your dream race to run? This year I finished my first half Ironman and thanks to training solidly for 6 months I absolutely loved every minute of it, even made friends on the run!  The dream race would be a full Ironman that I enjoy just as much as that half!

2017 races? IRONMAN Switzerland Zurich.