4th Birthday bRUNch

It feels like our crew’s been together forever and yet four years also seems to have gone by so fast!

Over the years, we’ve seen our community grow – today, we have some who have been in the picture right from the start and others who’ve joined just this summer but are already making their mark on the group. We come from a wide variety of places and backgrounds, have different professions and interests, but are brought together by a shared passion for running (and brunching!).

So to celebrate the fourth year of LDN Brunch Club, we invited all our members, and friends of the crew, to come join us for a Birthday bRUNch – taking our well-loved run + brunch routine and giving it a special celebratory twist.

A massive thank you to all our members who came down to celebrate the occasion and thanks to our brand partners who helped make the bRUNch celebrations even more special with snacks, drinks and running gear for everyone!

Partners: Under Armour UK, Dash Drinks, KIND Snacks, Patron, SipSmith and PopchipsUK.