Base Building at Farm Fitness

Log presses, farmers’ walks and sprints from hay bale to hay bale – for our latest adventure, it might sound like the LDN Brunch Club team went to work on a farm, and well, we sort of did! This was all part of a strength and conditioning workout at one of the UK’s best outdoor fitness spaces – Farm Fitness.

As we come close to starting training plans for the race season ahead, base building with solid strength and conditioning work is paramount, to start with a strong foundation and reduce the risk of injury as the mileage increases in the weeks ahead. For many runners who love being out on the road, the gym can seem like a fairly dull option. So, we decided to head to the Essex countryside to show strength training doesn’t need to be confined to a city gym – you can find all kinds of diverse ways to train!

With its combination of “modified strongman, functional bodybuilding, calisthenics and blistering cardio efforts”, a HIIT session with Farmer Tom Kemp and his team of Personal Trainers was an exciting, if not grueling, workout for our runners.

The crew were split into teams for a session tailored to benefit runners and, although there were a few anxious expressions on arrival, everyone soon got stuck in to the various exercises, helped by a healthy dose of competitive spirit as the teams competed for top score of the day!

Leaving with smiles (and tired muscles) all round, it’s easy to see why Farm Fitness has attracted so much attention among the fitness scene as of late – we definitely recommend taking a drive out to give it a go for yourself.