No Such Place

We’re firm believers that running can take you to new and exciting places, provide opportunities to experiences new cultures, meet like-minded people and open your mind to new ways of thinking.

Several times a year, this is demonstrated globally when crews from around the world come together as part of the Bridge the Gap movement.

This summer, Kristian Hell and his crew, Ssideline City, brought this to life with a new concept. A festival, inspired by the underground run scene, the mentality of crew culture and a vision – to introduce little healthy habits that together can have a big positive impact on the planet. No Such Place, was a small festival with a clear and simple motto – travel by foot, relax, eat well and leave no tracks.

As the name would suggest, No Such Place was in a hidden location out in the Swedish countryside, and the only way in was to run, hike or bike. Starting out north of Stockholm, the route mapped out was an official half marathon; but this was not a race. Instead, it was an opportunity to enjoy the 13-mile run with friends; which is exactly what the LDN Brunch Club team did – supporting each other and meeting new people as they navigated the forest trails.

Arriving on site, the healthy habits continued with a weekend line-up of great food (all locally sourced vegan meals prepared on site), group yoga, meditation and DJ sets ensuring the festival vibes lasted into the night. When the time came to “leave no tracks”, everyone came together for a nature walk to ensure every item of rubbish was collected and nothing left behind.

For those of us who live and run in a city like London, this was a welcome change of setting and pace from the average weekend – a chance to disconnect from the world (with the exception of a few mandatory Instagram posts) and engage in the surroundings.

No Such Place belief that, “doing things together helps break down bigger goals into little steps” is certainly something that resonated with the LDN Brunch Club team, and we’ll continue to take into day-to-day life back home.

We’re delighted been part of the weekend and thanks to the most gracious hosts for inviting us to share the experience.

Photos: Izabella Englund