PT in your pocket – Auro Fitness (Sponsored)

As a club that trains for endurance races – be it half or full marathons – we are always keen to ensure our members have a strong foundation to support their high mileage training. For many of us, the desire to get outside and run often takes precedent over strength and conditioning sessions. We’re always on the lookout for inspiring options to make it more interesting and appealing. Partnering with some of the best studios and gyms around, we’ve been lucky enough to try a whole host of workouts to help us along the way; from outdoor strength circuits to Muay Thai boxing. But to really support our training and prevent injury, we still need to go it solo and put in some gym time.

So this month, we’ve been trialling new fitness app AURO, as we look at ways to stay motivated in the gym – without forking out hundreds of pounds for a PT to spur you on. The app is a “personal trainer in your ear”, offering audio sessions created by top trainers (you’ll spot some familiar names from the London fitness scene) who talk you through each step of the workout.

There are plenty of sessions to try, ranging from ‘Strength for Runners’ and ‘Buns of Steel’, right through to running and cycling training. All use either no equipment (perfect for home workouts or need basic equipment that you’ll be able to access in almost every gym. Each of the audio sessions start by telling you exactly what equipment you’ll need for the workout ahead; so you can set yourself up, plug-in, and get straight down to it.

We particularly liked the full body workouts ‘No Pain, No Gain’ and ‘Whole Body Hit’, which last around 20 minutes and needed just a couple of dumbbells – so you could easily complete the workout anywhere you have access to a set of weights.

For those of us who love a plan to follow, AURO has also just launched structured training programmes, with six, ten and twelve week plans that offer levels to match different abilities and end goals.

All that’s left to do, is get started on that workout then!

AURO Subscription is £7.99 a month. Try it here:

Photography by Anna Rachel Photography. All kit by Under Armour.